Temporary employment

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The main rule in Norwegian employment law is permanent appointment. In certain cases, however, is it possible to appoint an employee temporarily, for instance when a substitute is needed or the work is of a temporary nature. The law lists a few special situations where temporary appointment is permitted. This guide gives a review of the possibilities that exist, as well as what assessments and moves you have to make to appoint someone temporarily.

The main rule in Norwegian working life is permanent employment. This ensures continuity and competence for the employer. It is an important tool that contributes to retaining valuable competence in the enterprise and to making the enterprise competitive in the recruitment process. It is also important for building the company culture over time. For the employee permanent employment means security and a predictable income. 

At the same time, permanent employment is not practical in every situation. Sometimes, the enterprise needs labour only for a specific assignment and sometimes the enterprise has a need to appoint temporary employees due to seasonal variations. Correspondingly, a need for temporary employees may arise in connection with the execution of an uncertain project. Frequently, businesses may need substitutes for employees who are ill or on a leave of absence. This creates a short-term labour market, and in that temporary appointments contribute to innovation, increased value creation and more jobs. 

In the following guide you can read everything you need to know in order to employ someone on a temporary employment. 

  1. Step one - What are my business’s needs?
  2. Step two - Does the law allows temporary employment?
  3. Step three - Written contract of employment
  4. Step four - For how long?
  5. Step five - Termination, cancellation or prolongation
  6. Other things to remember

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