Dismissal during the trial period

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The trial period allows the employer to assess how well the employee is suited for his/her work, as well as the employee’s professional skill and reliability.

During the trial period the employee’s lack of suitability for the work, or lack of proficiency or reliability constitute objective justification for ending the employment. Thus, the right to dismiss an employee during the period of trial is somewhat wider than otherwise. In order to apply the provision on dismissal during the trial period, the notice must have been given within the expiry of the agreed trial period.

It may be difficult to assess whether an employee shows lack of suitability for the work, or whether the employee lacks proficiency or reliability. In the following, a short description of the various bases for this is provided.

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  • The various bases for dismissal during the trial period:
  1. Suitability for the work
  2. Proficiency
  3. Reliability
  • Follow-Up
  • Notice during the period of trial